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Meet Kristof, board member and manager at CTESO 

16 years of relevant experience in machine construction

Meet Kristof, board member and manager at CTESO. 

With the arrival of Kristof, CTESO adds 16 years of relevant machine construction experience to the team. Kristof has experience in all aspects of custom-made machine building: in mechanical, electrical, pneumatic ánd in software. This is very exceptional and therefore a real added value for our team, our customers and our partners.

Engineering team 

Kristof supervises the engineering team of CTESO. Every day, he manages the team, optimizes & takes the right decisions with them when developing new machines.

Structure & experience

With Kristof’s arrival, there is even more structure and experience in the engineering team. He is a fixed point of contact for the engineers, making decisions faster and more efficient. Result: a better performing team.

Not only his 16 years of experience in machine construction is an absolute added value. The fact that he masters all aspects of custom machine building is invaluable. He is also the right man in the right place as a person. A people manager with exactly the same values and standards as those of CTESO. And that benefits the overall atmosphere at CTESO, because Kristof fits perfectly into the group.

Practical and problem-solving 

Like the rest of the team, Kristof is extremely practical and a real problem-solver, giving customers a single point of contact for all their technical questions. Challenging Technology Together!

Board member

In function of the further growth of CTESO, Kristof joins the board of CTESO as a shareholder. The expansion of the board provides more stability and security, both for CTESO and its customers.

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