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Technology literally
in our DNA

The thing with technology: it’s baked into the CTESO-DNA. Specialised studies, world-wide experience in project management and complex automated solutions on-site. This is the preliminary project for the start of CTESO in 2017.

CTESO develops efficient, unique and sustainable all-round, tailor-made solutions in automation and mechanical engineering.

Adding real
human value

CTESO always keeps the bigger picture in sight. With empathy towards the client’s situation, an exceptional skill to develop simple solutions for complex challenges, the efficient agile end-to-end project approach and the deployment of always the right project specialists. CTESO guarantees a successful cooperation time after time.

techniek is de fuel van onze motor.
techniek is de fuel van onze motor.
techniek is de fuel van onze motor.

Want to know more?

CTESO welcomes you to the epicenter where the magic happens. Meet our project engineers, look over the shoulders of our production team and feel the productive vibes.