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End-to-end expertise
All specialized expertise in-house

One partner for your automation process with quality assurance from A to Z.

We do not compromise on your production process. CTESO focuses passionately on your project, from concept to functioning whole.

Customised end-to-end solutions

Efficiency. That’s our goal, in everything we do. Our entire structure is based on it. We purposefully keep all engineering and assembly in our own hands: from concept to technical drawings, programming, practical implementation, machine construction, installation, testing and personnel training. With this end-to-end approach, you are certain that everything will run smoothly, that we can be flexible in the face of challenges, and that we can maintain the quality of the entire realisation process at each point along the way.

Professionals in da house

Need specialised expertise. We have the necessary expertise in-house. But at the same time, we know that we don’t know it all. That is why we also strategically call on specialised talent who are cracks in their specific domains and who can skilfully zoom into those details that will make all the difference to your project. And in the meantime, we competently keep the big picture in mind. So that all the technical features and processes seamlessly blend into one coherent whole. That is what we call ‘shouldering the burden’.

Privileged suppliers

For the supply of our materials, we work together with a fixed group of suppliers who are each specialists in their own domains and who we know have the same mindset as we do. Because your project deserves only the best materials. Do you work together with a certain supplier? Then, we will do the same. That way you retain the best quality guarantee.

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Technology is a rapidly evolving, dynamic discipline. With thousands of ingenious solutions that are applied throughout the world. Need specialised expertise? We have the necessary expertise in-house.

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