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Masterful Consulting & Analysis
An external critical opinion on your machines, processes & installations.

CTESO excels as an advisory and supportive sparring partner in both the development of new production systems and processes and in the maintenance, continuous improvement and conversion or renovation of existing production assets/installations.

A head start

Every project creates expectations and challenges which should ideally be clear to all parties involved before the start of a project and quotation phase. 

A thorough pre-analysis provides clarity and harmony, allowing for more efficient work and increasing the likelihood of success within budget expectations, intended deadlines and objectives.

1. Needs Analysis & Opportunities.

A pre-project fase with CTESO starts with a thorough needs analysis. In this phase we look at the needs ánd opportunities. What and why exactly do you want to achieve something and can it be done differently, better, more efficiently?

2. Project goals and specifications.

CTESO provides a comprehensive definition of the problem statement. A clear schedule, transparent budgets, the intended ROI and material specifications are identified. 

3. Concept definition

This is where we get (very) specific. In the concept phase, we explore all possible directions to the most ideal solution. We work out different concepts, consider the pros and cons and draft a clear overview. The goal is to determine the ultimate concept from all of the possible proposals.

4. Feasibility Study

Once the project parameters and overall concept are defined, it is important to find out if the project is viable. A feasibility study excludes unnecessary investments so that the project can be carried out within the predefined schedule, are the ROI and the budgets realistic?

5. Efficiency, internal and external

The preliminary process provides clarity which in turn ensures that a project can proceed in a more efficient and structured manner. This is interesting for both client and supplier because expectations and tasks are aligned.

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