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In a world where everything constantly must go faster and more efficiently, CTESO thinks in terms of solutions. That is the philosophy we share with Hupico: operating in the world of industrial automation since 1994.

For a large customer in the manufacturing industry we provide custom made machines for which we cooperate with Hupico.

CTESO built 3 machines of which 2 are used for assembling the end products.  The third machine is used for blister packaging of the same end products.

Hupico delivered for this project:

• Epson Scara robot • 
• Epson vision systems • 
• Anyfeed flexfeeders from Flexfactory •
• Vibration feeders from OKU-Automation •

Today, we integrate these different technologies into a custom-made solution. Thanks to excellent cooperation, we can offer much more efficient and the best solutions in the field of machine construction. After all, that is what partners do.

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