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A flexible approach.

We complement the customer where necessary

The client can call CTESO for the complete conceptualisation, engineering and construction of a machine or production line, but also for assembly only, for example. We always work closely together with the client in order to optimise the process and complement the client in the process where we are needed. This way of working allows us to retain our flexibility. You can expect inspiring conversations, pleasant contacts and a flexible agile approach from us. Real human value.

A good example of such a specific approach is our cooperation with “Covess”. The mechanical engineering was done by them. CTESO took care of the construction of the machine and took care of the electrical engineering & software.

Our passion for A-Z projects

By implementing the very latest techniques, clever innovations and the expertise of our craftsmen, we supply you with machines that guarantee you a significant competitive advantage. Of course, we prefer to take on the entire project from A to Z. We often carry out such fantastic total projects – and we are proud of it.

Realising the most innovative technical solutions for our customers: that is only possible with the right people on board. Techies who have the same mindset as us. Talents who work enthusiastically on the most optimal solution. Who, like us, get stuck in complex technical issues.

It’s simple, we’re looking for reinforcement!

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