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Smart Manufacturing starts with Smart Engineering

What is Smart Manufacturing?

Fully integrated, collaborative production lines and systems that react & communicate in real time to changing requirements and conditions. And the constant exchange of information between all components in a production process.

“Smart Manufacturing” is a synonym for Industry 4.0 or industrial transformation in the fourth industrial revolution in which smart manufacturing actually fits.
The purpose: to respond efficiently and flexibly to the high demands of a rapidly changing market and, at the same time, to improve the performance, quality and cost reduction of products.

In order to be able to produce smartly, smart engineering must also be efficient. And that is our job!

Automotion | Smart Engineering

Automotion is our complementary partner in the field of automation, motion control & software as well as the Belgian competence centre for Schneider Electric. A unique & close cooperation which both Automotion and CTESO are proud of.

How do we cooperate?

Automotion supports CTESO in the calculations and future-oriented selection of smart components during the design phase. CTESO and Automotion also join forces for the co-creation of software and the supply of specific automation and motion control hardware for our machines.

From Smart Engineering
to Smart Maintenance & Services

Thanks to the cooperation with Automotion, we are able to offer our customers appropriate, sustainable and smart solutions at all times.

Because of this, we also have the most advanced tools to monitor and service all our machines in ‘Real Time’. With the help of these unique products, we can automatically report, efficiently detect and remotely adjust faults where necessary. In this way, we maximise the up-time of our customers.

Together, our solutions are ready for the future.

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