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An efficient agile process
with a human touch

From critical research to installation and start-up on-site. CTESO always works closely together with the customer to optimise the process. You can expect inspiring discussions, pleasant contacts and a flexible agile approach from us.
Real human value.

An inspiring process

With this step-by-step plan, we communicate openly about our process. This way, our customers have a perfect understanding of our approach and know what they can expect from us.

1. Kickoff project

After a first external critical opinion on your machines, processes & installations in the quotation phase, the project is handed over to the project team during a handover meeting.

  • Who is the client?
  • What is the purpose of the project?
  • What are the project specifications?
  • Are there specific project requirements?
  • What is the project schedule?
  • What are the critical points?
  • Who are the contact persons?

2. Internal distribution of the project

    • Responsibilities are distributed project by project among different engineers within CTESO:
      • Based on his/her competences: electrical, mechanical, software,… .
      • Depending on the size and lead time of the project, certain parts are assigned to different engineers.

    A project manager is appointed, your direct point of contact.

3. Research

Our engineers do research based on the available data:

    • Which techniques can/must be applied?
    • Which suppliers/partners have the right expertise?
    • Can we use our standard solutions?

Challenges, ideas and solutions are further mapped out. Discussions with suppliers are started. A detailed schedule with milestones is gradually taking shape.

4. Concepts & solutions

Various concepts & solutions are worked out according to your needs and requirements. Our engineers jump behind the “drawing table”. The project gradually takes shape on a mechanical, electrical, software, … level.

5. Project, production and schedule meetings

Project, production and schedule meetings are held regularly throughout the project. Ideas are evaluated, comments are noted and further discussed, challenges and bottlenecks are identified, decisions are made. A fresh look or feedback from another team member can be enlightening.

6. Theory meets practice

At the appropriate time, our production employees are involved in the project.

An extra critical look from the people at the production site. Where theory meets practice. They give comments and share experiences from practice so that this information can be processed in the design. Not only is a working machine important, but also efficient maintenance and adjustment.

8. Start-up and testing

Step by step, the project takes shape. More and more details are being worked out. Preparations are gradually being made for the actual assembly, start-up and testing of the machine in our production hall.

  • The first parts are ordered.
  • The technical file is taking shape.
  • A test plan for the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is drawn and coordinated with the client.

The schedule is closely monitored and consulted with all parties.

7. Challenging Technology Together

Good cooperation with you as a customer is essential. On a regular base, we discuss concepts, the schedule, challenges, etc. We prefer honest and open communication. You are always kept informed, no surprises.

10. Cooperation

Our engineers also remain involved during the assembly of your machine in our workshop. Theory and practice are attuned to each other.

  • Feedback and cooperation between technicians and engineers guarantee a working machine.
  • Unexpected problems are quickly and efficiently solved together.

9. Bringing the pieces together

Through a handover meeting, the necessary information is transferred to our production department. Engineers share their design with the production team. Specific settings/adjustments/functionalities and points of attention are explained. Our technicians (often together with the engineers) start working based on the final designs and start the assembly.

12. On-site installation and start-up

During the project, the necessary preparations for the installation and start-up on-site are made together with you. After installation of the machine/production line by our technicians, together with the engineers, we begin testing , calibrating and starting up the machine. The installation checklist is completed and all preparations are made for the SAT (Site Acceptance Test).

11. Bringing the beast to life

  • Engineers and technicians work together to give the machine its first ‘Heartbeat’.
  • The machine is adjusted and tested extensively.
  • A FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) is executed in cooperation with the client.

14. Honest feedback

Your honest feedback is invaluable to us. We like open communication and honest feedback. That is why we always end with a close-out meeting during which we go through the project with you and are open to your comments. This is the only way we can learn and do things just perfect the next time.

13. Project handover

After a successful SAT, the project is handed over to you.

  • Your operators and technical staff are trained
  • The technical file is handed over and explained

15. After completion

For us, cooperation does not stop after the close-out meeting. You can always rely on us, even after the project has been completed; our technicians and engineers are always ready to help you.

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Our ability to work together has made the creation of incredible things possible.